Friday, August 26, 2011

A Pair of Friday Morning Links

Some links to share this morning.

First off, I've spent so much time ripping bad sportswriting and analysis in the last couple months, I think it's important to share some from the other end of the spectrum. Joe Posnanski at Sports Illustrated is probably my favorite baseball writer right now. This week, he has made two very strong posts regarding his voting in the MVP race. The first, in an excellent post, Posnanski discusses why he is going to vote for the most productive player for the MVP award.

His follow-up, though, directed at a couple specific criticisms to this approach, is absolutely outstanding. Every writer with a vote for the postseason awards should be forced to read it, and if they disagree, actually attempt to write an intelligent response.

On a completely different, non-baseball related front, I just wanted to link to both North County Public Radio and Vermont Public Radio pages regarding the reinstallation of the Lake Champlain Bridge. A 402 foot center span left from Port Henry, NY just before 6:00 this morning and arriving at Crown Point around 8:00. Close to 9:45, the span was in place to be raised, and it is expected to take anywhere from four to eight hours to connect. Interesting stuff.

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