Friday, November 18, 2011

New Toronto Blue Jays Uniforms are Excellent

Sorry about the mediocre quality of the photo, lifted from CP24, but it was the best one I could find. Anyhow, I like it a lot.

It has the word "Blue" back in it! The "Jays" uniform/logo never did it for me. Plus, the old alternate uniform being black? Never made sense to me. This logo seems like an excellent mix of an homage to their original logo, with the double-line lettering, and the maple leaf, acknowledging their status as Canada's Team.

Important note. The Blue Jays can be called Canada's Team because they are the only Major League Baseball team that plays in Canada. Unlike in America, where some team, usually the Dallas Cowboys, tries to claim to be America's Team. Only they aren't, because there are lots of other teams in America, and most importantly, lots more people who like other teams better than the team claiming to be America's Team. Especially when it pertains to the Cowboys. Does ANYONE actually like the Dallas Cowboys?


Ok, back to Canada's Team. As you can see from this video from the Blue Jays website, the new uniforms are great, looking like a modern version of their classic uniform. I can't see these getting anything other than universal acclaim. The split font/double-line lettering gives the Blue Jays a look that is instantly recognizable, and the alternate uniforms (usable both at home and the road), might be my second favorite in the game behind the Royals' powder blue number.

The Blue Jays' football counterparts, the Toronto Bills, are 5-4 this year, and I feel strongly that the upgrade in uniform is the biggest reason for their improvement. With that in mind, these new Blue Jay uniforms have to be what, at least a five game swing, right? I exaggerate, but only somewhat - they really do look sharp. Way to step up, Blue Jays!


Anonymous said...

Today is good poorly, isn't it?

James Dunne said...

Indeed, sir. Perhaps the most good poorly in some time. Might end up poorly good if not careful.